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Patient Testimonials

At Mind Body Centers, we focus on providing expert treatment plans with excellent patient service, all at some of the best prices in the entire industry. But don’t just take our word for it, hear what our patients think below.

Anxiety Treatment

"Mind Body Centers changed my life! I’ve struggled with depression since I was 14 and had seen psychiatrists since then. I started treatment over 10 years ago and I’ve never had a day since where I’ve felt that life isn’t worth living. No antidepressant had ever come close to producing that level of relief! It works!

What is equally impressive is the staff! I’ve always felt they had my best interests in mind, and would even call and check up on me in the beginning. Now they feel like family and I thoroughly trust them.

Also, unlike other clinics, a staff member is with you the entire treatment to make sure you are comfortable and/or need anything.

Don’t wait to call! Trust me - it’s one of the best and most important calls I’ve ever made!"


Gilbert, AZ Location

"I’ve been receiving ketamine treatments for depression and anxiety for almost 2 year now. And I can’t say enough about how much it has helped me. The care I get at the mind body center is very, very good. This treatment can be life changing."

John Stiehm

Burnsville, MN Location

"Hands down the absolute best. My wife is seen here for her fibromyalgia treatments and it's been life changing. Not only has it helped with her nerve pain that many of the medications couldn't; it has a tremendous effect on her anxiety and depression as well. We've been to a few different clinics in the valley and the treatment that Mind Body offers is leaps and bounds above the others. This place and their treatment is nothing short of amazing, and the staff is even better. They're so attentive and empathetic, and have worked with us on our scheduling needs on more than one occasion. This isn't your typical center where they try to turn and burn their patients, they genuinely get to know them, and ensure they have the best infusion possible."


Gilbert, AZ Location

Linda and Kevin, I cannot even begin to thank you for the kindness, compassion, and care that I was given while I was at Mind Body Centers. Not only to myself but my family AND their fur baby! Thank you for accommodating them while I received treatment. I felt so regarded. The Treatment was amazing. I felt informed and comfortable the entire time. You guys...THE ENTIRE TIME...The care I received was far above and beyond and I am grateful to have met and been treated by you! Thank so much! I will be coming back to see you!! 15/10 Would recommend to: THE ENTIRE WORLD!! <3

Nikki Amon

Gilbert, AZ Location

"I've gone to three ketamine clinics over the past 6 years and Mind Body Centers has been the best. The staff is so helpful and the treatments are life changing. I can not recommend them highly enough."

Alex Yeck-Petty

"I absolutely LOVE everything about this place and the staff is AMAZING!! I went for a follow up maintenance ketamine treatment and the experience was beyond wonderful. The attending staff was helpful, attentive, I felt safe (which is huge for me due to my anxiety) and they were just so friendly, I felt like I was visiting my long lost friends! I HIGHLY recommend Ketamine treatments in general, but especially here! I can’t say enough good things about it - I truly can’t. I drove all the way from Oro Valley, and I would absolutely do it again!"

Shalen Bezona

Gilbert, AZ Location

"I had a great experience with several treatments for depression, anxiety, and PTSD at the clinic. The clinician and staff were very thorough, kind and competent. This was both the best experience and best price I have found! Thank you, Mind Body Centers!"

Mike P.

"Mind Body Centers primary focus is the patient. Compassionate care where they listen to the personal challenges you're experiencing. My daughter is a retired combat veteran who deals with chronic pain (CRPS) and PTSD. Since seeking treatment at Mind Body Centers there's been such a difference in her quality of life. Thank you so much for caring."


Gilbert, AZ Location

"I love this place. The staff are all so kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. You will be in good hands here."

Jen Huffman

"There aren’t enough kind words to convey my feelings for Mind Body Center. My daughter suffers from chronic head pain and ketamine infusions are her only source of relief. While there are many ketamine centers around, it’s the staff and their protocols that make all the difference. Each person has a private room, and a nurse is always in the room with her, so she feels safe at all times. I know that when I take her there, she is in the very best hands she could be in during the infusion. We live in North Phoenix and make the trek to Gilbert just because of the doctor, nurses, and staff. They are well worth the drive."


Gilbert, AZ Location

"Excellent in every way."

Linda Korengold

Gilbert, AZ Location

"Mind Body Center is the best place in Arizona to get effective and caring treatments for Ketamine infusions for extreme pain. I have CRPS/RDS which is a disease that causes your body to feel like it’s burning. My skin turns red, extreme swelling happens and your skin becomes hot to touch. The disease also makes touch extremely painful, especially when I have a flare up. Kevin & Linda and their entire team go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and always there to assist you during your treatments. Mind Body Center has been a lifesaver to me & my constant battle with pain. Their treatments and care help me to have good days with good pain reduction for my difficult disease. Thank you Mind Body Centers.

Sincerely, Bridget Wade"

Bridget Wade

Gilbert, AZ Location

"Great care and team of professionals that truly live up to the name. Very clean and cozy space, whether it be your mind or body that need some ketamine treatment both will find healing here. Knowledgeable staff, very friendly and happy to answer any questions. I will certainly be back and continue the amazing healing and progress I have made. Thank you!"

Jace Fox

Ketamine infusions turned my life back to normal after years of depression. Mind Body Centers in Gilbert A.Z. Is the best and most caring ketamine infusion center I have been to. The staff is so kind and doesn’t treat you as another number. Highly recommended!"

Andrew Meitner

Gilbert, AZ Location

"I have received ketamine IV infusions for pain at Mind Body Centers for a while now. Chronic pain is difficult to manage and alternatives such as prescribed opioids are not recommended for long-term use. I am carefully monitored at all times during my treatments. The staff is very supportive. My overall pain level has been lowered and I finally feel that I have arrived at a solution that I can maintain and support when my pain level starts to increase. I am very grateful for their help."

Judy Gilboy

Gilbert, AZ Location

"Jess and Amanda were absolutely amazing! They are the BEST at making sure you feel safe and comfortable! They made it a wonderful experience! I feel so much better mentally and spiritually 😌💖"


"I absolutely love this clinic! They are so caring and really make sure that your treatment goes smoothly and with care and compassion. All the nurses go above and beyond and I’m so glad they are back open."

Lindsay Rose Lights

Gilbert, AZ Location

"The staff at Mind Body Centers Gilbert are great. The service and treatment protocol is high value deliverables. As a patient, it's hard to trust that the care I need will happen when I need it. Mind Body Centers is my solution in accessing the care I need. I feel the personalized, sincere care at the clinic. I'm grateful for their services and pricing."

Lisa P

Gilbert, AZ Location

"Had an amazing experience with them. Jessica and Amanda are true professionals."

Martin Peeples

"Amazing staff and comforting atmosphere"

Libby Reller

Burnsville, MN Location

"Mind Body Centers, led by Director Kevin and supported by an amazing team, is an exceptional Ketamine Infusion Center that surpasses expectations. Director Kevin's visionary leadership and the team's unwavering commitment to patient care create an environment of unparalleled attention to detail and transformative experiences. The team's personalized approach, combined with their warm and compassionate demeanor, ensures that each patient's unique needs are met with precision and empathy. The serene and welcoming atmosphere further enhances the overall experience. Mind Body Centers, under the guidance of Director Kevin and the amazing team, stands as the pinnacle of excellence in the field of ketamine infusion therapy, offering exceptional care and life-changing outcomes for those seeking healing and well-being."

Alexander Restucci

Gilbert, AZ Location


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