June 20, 2024

How Do I Know if Ketamine Infusion Therapy is Working?

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Contrary to some beliefs, Ketamine infusions for treatment resistant depression are not a cure all for depression or a magic pill for sudden happiness. This just does not exist in any form, especially not with antidepressant medications. Ketamine infusions work in a much different and often more subtle way. While the science behind Ketamine certainly backs its efficacy, I can only speak to my experience working with client’s receiving Ketamine infusion therapy and listening to their experiences.

What I often help clients understand is the difference between mood and functioning. While some clients do report improved mood instantly after stabilization, others notice changes in their overall functioning. Here are some examples of the feedback I have received over the past few months:


“I haven’t cried once since my last treatment”

“I don’t feel like sleeping all day”

“I feel lighter and it is easier to get out of bed”

“I’m not over thinking and analyzing everything”

“I felt a sense of calmness take over me”

“I haven’t had to take my Xanax since my last treatment”

“I have an increased awareness and ability to make healthier decisions”

“Things are less overwhelming and I can do the small things again that come normal to most people”

“I feel better about life. There is room for self-actualization”.

“I have the energy and willpower to invest in my own self-care”.


While none of these responses state “my depression is gone and I am happy” the changes in functioning and mood are pretty incredible. It is these changes that allow clients to build upon their improved functioning by making lifestyle changes, reaching out for more support, and essentially starting the healing process. It is also important during maintenance treatments to re-establish goals and remember how far you have come. Each minor change and step towards wellness is something to celebrate.

If you are struggling and feeling stuck in the web of depression, there is a way out and there is an alternative treatment.

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