June 21, 2024

5 Ways Seeing a Psychedelic Therapist Can Enhance Your Ketamine Treatment


1. It can make ketamine even more effective.

Studies have shown that working with a qualified therapist after ketamine treatment can lead to stronger and longer-lasting results.

After a ketamine infusion, the brain is able to create new neurons and form new pathways that shape how we think and what we do. This  means that any habits you want to build—like daily exercise, practicing guitar, or being kinder to yourself—are more likely to stick if you work on them after your treatment.

Because the window of time right after a ketamine infusion can be a crucial aid to changing your habits and thought patterns, seeing a therapist to explore your feelings and goals can be especially effective during this time. This isn’t just to enhance the results of  therapy—evidence also shows that the benefits of ketamine itself can be enhanced after seeing a therapist. 

2. It can help you stay on track to long-term healing and success.

So you tried ketamine therapy, and you feel better than you have in a long time.

Now what?

When we struggle with depression or chronic health issues, we tend to go through life in survival mode. Life becomes a battle to take care of what we have to take care of: Get groceries. Go to work. Pick the kids up from school. Amidst physical and emotional exhaustion, we might lose track of our hopes, dreams, and the things in our lives we find personally meaningful.

One of the best parts of ketamine therapy is that it works fast, but even stability can be disorienting when it happens all at once. What hobbies would you like to pick up or return to? How do you envision your new life and the structure around it? Recovery gives us time to focus on who we are outside of our depression, anxiety, or chronic illness, but it’s not easy to do it alone. A good psychedelic therapist can guide you through the process of settling into healthy routines and making plans to meet long-term goals.

3. Therapy can help you get to the root of your struggles.

Ketamine can alleviate symptoms of depression and feelings of anxiety or sadness, but for some of us, we can’t feel truly fulfilled without coming to terms with our past.

Revisiting the past can be hard, especially if you’ve been through trauma or suffered from PTSD. For this reason, ketamine can be an important component of successful therapy: after a course of ketamine treatment, you may discover that newfound feelings of mental stability make it easier to process unresolved feelings and embrace the present. Finally confronting our true thoughts and feelings is an important part of sustained healing, and ketamine can help us be emotionally prepared to do it.

4. You can work with your therapist to make decisions about future treatments.

Whether you’re making progress or suddenly struggling, a good therapist can be one of the first people to notice when you aren’t your usual self.

While ketamine therapy can have life-changing benefits, a long-term healing strategy is essential to maintaining these changes. If you do find yourself struggling in the months after a successful ketamine experience, a therapist can help distinguish between life’s normal ups and downs and signs that you may benefit from additional support, such as maintenance infusions.

5. You get to work with someone who understands your experience.

Many therapists certified in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy receive ketamine themselves during their training. They haven’t just read textbooks about it—they’ve been there.

Seeing a therapist certified in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) or other psychedelic interventions allows you to work with a professional who is specially trained to understand ketamine and how to make the most out of treatment.

Special training and certification isn’t required to counsel someone who has received ketamine therapy, but a less specialized therapist may not have the knowledge or experience to oversee an effective treatment plan.

At Mind Body Centers, we believe that the best path to wellness is one that uses ketamine as a strong pillar of support within a larger network of holistic care. Ketamine alone can be remarkably healing, but psychotherapy can also play an important role in a transformative and long-lasting recovery.

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