June 3, 2024

Healing Grief With Ketamine Therapy: Lisa’s Story

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My journey with ketamine began when my pain management doctor noticed that my grief had taken me down a very sad path after losing my husband to Multiple Myeloma.

I could not stop crying. My brain was wrapped up in a serious fog. I couldn’t rein it in that day, but I still had to function. My husband, Theron, battled a six year fight and I stood by his side as his caregiver through it all leading up to his transition.

My doctor suggested a local ketamine clinic which, in a roundabout way, led me to find Mind Body Centers.

Life after loss changes you. I had no way of knowing just how much my life would change when I lost Theron, even though I knew the day would come that he would leave this life and I would be left to sort through all of the emotions that the reality of living my life without him would bring.

The idea of using ketamine scared me. I had to do so much research on what ketamine is and how it works to repair the damaged parts of your brain from depression, stress, and trauma before I would agree to surrender to it. I knew I had to do something to break out of the heavy emotions and anxiety that grief had put me in, so I called up enough courage to try it.

I reached out to MBC and began the intake screening process which led to my treatment plan. And that’s where my transformation journey of healing and wellness began.

There are not enough words of praise and gratitude that I can express for the staff at the clinic, other than to say this: If not for them, I probably wouldn’t have gone through with my treatment. It takes a lot of guts to completely let go and trust the process. They have a way of helping you to feel safe, supported and loved the whole time. I never felt judged. Only loved.

I found the effects of ketamine to be real, and it doesn’t leave you feeling altered. After six treatments I still feel my feelings, and I’m very much in control of my own thoughts.

Ketamine has helped provide a much needed shift in my perspective. My widow brain fog has completely lifted and I see the world again with crisp clarity. I am grounded and connected to this present moment. My sad storm has evaporated and it no longer follows me around. I can look at my life and not feel anxious or disturbed by this new reality. My life is just beginning and I see it as a gift. I intend to create a beautiful life as I move forward with myself. Me, myself, I and God.

I am willing to be open to share because people are hurting. Depression is not something to feel ashamed of. There’s such a negative stigma around psychedelic therapy and depression in general that I feel led to share my personal experience in hopes of helping others who may be seeking help and looking for relief.

In my humble opinion, I believe that ketamine used in a clinical setting is not the same thing as using psychedelic drugs to get high. There’s real benefit to ketamine and I know it holds promise and hope for a lot of people. I’m happy to have found ketamine at a time when I desperately needed to find it.

I finally feel well and on the mend. I know my grief is still with me, and it will be with me for the rest of my life. But I’m in a much happier place now thanks to ketamine and the wellness practitioners at Mind Body Centers. Only love.

—Lisa Gough

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